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Rubrik on Rubrik: Protect, Detect and Recover from Ransomware


With ransomware attacks intensifying, both in scale and impact, IT leaders across the globe are scrambling to respond. It may seem difficult to prioritize building a recovery plan over deploying more firewalls, but the reality is, attackers are now able to infiltrate even the most secure defense layers. Which means recovering from ransomware is not a process you can afford to overlook or develop on the fly.

Watch now to see how the Rubrik IT team can help you quickly recover critical business operations following a ransomware attack. You’ll learn security hardening best practices and expert tips on developing your own response playbook.

By registering, you’ll also receive a copy of our new whitepaper, Prepare and Recover from a Ransomware Attack with Rubrik, which explains how Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security makes protected data immune to ransomware.

Watch now and get your copy of Prepare and Recover from a Ransomware Attack with Rubrik!

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