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You Can't Afford to Settle: Buyers Guide to Modern Database Protection

It's no secret that when database teams think about backup and recovery, the first thing that comes to mind is an insurance policy that is expensive to operate and complex to manage. Every database administrator would agree that having backups that they can count on is an absolute must. So much so it's not uncommon to find that database teams have implemented their own data protection strategies in addition to the corporate IT strategy just to ensure their data is protected. But interestingly enough, they would also tend to agree that they would much rather focus on other more "strategic" initiatives and that when it comes to data protection, it's really all about recoveries.

Well what if we told you there was a way to offload daily management, create database clones without the need for added storage, and keep your backups protected from ransomware, all with a single platform?

The data you manage is mission-critical. You can't afford to settle with legacy protection.

Join us to learn what you should expect from modern database protection:

  1. Zero Trust Data Security: Ensure your backups are 100% protected from ransomware, natural disasters, and operational failures

  2. Automated Protection: Replace thousands of backup jobs in just a few clicks

  3. Simplify Advanced Recoveries: Stay in the driver seat with flexible recovery options

  4. Access to Self-Service Clones: Create database clones directly from your backup data without any need for additional storage

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