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The Importance of Lowering the Risk, Cost & Complexity of your Data Protection

Healthcare providers face significant operational challenges in managing and protecting their critical data. The move to remote work and telemedicine has only compounded the need to stay protected from security threats and increase operational efficiency.

Organizations now require modern data protection solutions that drive data control, cloud mobility, and regulatory compliance to solve these challenges effectively. Join us to learn what opportunities modern data protection can mean for your business:

  1. Cyber Resiliency – protect patient data against Ransomware attacks, reduce security and compliance risks

  2. Improve Efficiency – simplify operations to do more with less, eliminate tape-based and other expensive legacy services, and improve the productivity of existing IT resources

  3. Reduce costs – leverage new procurement programs to better align to current conditions and pay-as-you-go

Technical Marketing Architect

Josh Robinson has been helping customers design and deploy IT solutions for the last decade. During his time at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Lenovo, and Cloudera he has worked on high performance computers, ERP, CRM, Distance Learning and big data systems. He is now working at Rubrik as a Technical Marketing Architect where he is helping to evangelize the ideas about backup modernization including gaining new insights and value from their protected data.

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