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A Pragmatic Discussion About Ransomware: Hoping For The Best While Planning For The Worst

There is no denying that a defense-in-depth approach to securing your environment is critical, but for a growing number of organizations, it wasn’t enough to prevent talented (and motivated) ransomware actors from penetrating those defenses.

Both NIST and CISA recommend adapting your perspective to assume that a breach has or will happen to your organization. Why? To empower your organization to prepare and quickly respond to an event that hopefully never happens to reduce any potential impact on your business.

What you’ll learn:

  1. First-hand recovery challenges and responses based on real-world experience from the team tasked with helping customers recover

  2. The importance of having immutable, air-gapped backups secured by a zero-trust architecture as the foundation for true data security

  3. Steps to limit the effects of a ransomware event include remediation and best practices for hardening your infrastructure against ransomware

  4. The importance of building and maintaining a strong security culture, ownership, and engineering mindset that can help reduce/minimize the impact of a ransomware event

  5. How Rubrik and AWS are changing the game as it relates to protecting workloads on-prem and in the cloud and how to leverage those capabilities for recoverability and scalability


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