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Extending Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security To Your AWS Environments

Organizations across the globe are taking advantage of the increased efficiency and performance that AWS provides. More and more we are seeing businesses leveraging AWS to provide a low-cost, durable solution to host long-term storage and archive of their regulated data. Rubrik has always provided a flexible, policy-based, and secure data management platform - providing organizations with a fast and efficient way to leverage cloud storage for their archival needs. That said, ransomware doesn't care where your data resides, and the need to ensure that your data is secure should be top of mind no matter where it lives.

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how Rubrik provides the most secure solution when it comes to archiving data to AWS

  2. Gain a deep understanding of the inner constructs of how Rubrik's policy-driven framework can orchestrate and automate critical data management functions, both on-premises and in the cloud

  3. Explore how Rubrik and AWS work together to provide immutability within the cloud through the usage of key feature sets such as S3 Object Lock and SLA Retention Lock

  4. Gain key knowledge on how to ensure that your organization can leverage backups for what they were designed to be, their last line of defense, and avoid paying the ransom


Kev Johnson, Technical Marketing Architect, Rubrik


Mike Preston, Technical Marketing Engineer, Rubrik


Peter Imming, Sr. Technical Product Manager, Amazon Web Services


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