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Introducing Rubrik Cloud Vault

About This Webinar

Ransomware attacks pose an increased danger to every business around the world, regardless of industry, and IT and Security leaders are looking for comprehensive and multi-layered data protection to be cyber-resilient. Join this webinar as we introduce Rubrik Cloud Vault, a fully-managed, secure, and isolated cloud archival service that helps customers secure their data within minutes to ensure they have immutable, logically-air gapped copies of their data.

About Rubrik

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Management Company™️, enables cyber and operational resilience for enterprises; including ransomware protection, risk compliance, automated data recovery, and a fast track to the cloud.

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn how Rubrik Cloud Vault can help address your ransomware concerns

  2. Understand the benefits Rubrik Cloud Vault brings to organization

  3. See a life demo of Rubrik Cloud Vault in action


  • Scott Bekker, Webinar Moderator, ActualTech Media
  • Brian Mislavsky, Technical Product Manager, Rubrik
  • Kristina Avrionova, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Rubrik


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