Thursday, June 13th, 9:00 AM PT

Top Reasons Why Legacy Data Protection Fails and What to do About It

Protecting your data - no matter how much there is and no matter where it lives - ultimately protects your business continuity. The latest Rubrik Zero Lab report noted that 94% of external organizations were victimized in a cyberattack in 2023, occurring in SaaS (67%), Cloud (66%), and on-premises (51%).

Legacy data protection solutions can be complex, lack integrations and automation which can hinder data access, recovery and backup. Join this webinar and learn more about: 

  • Why outdated data protection technology puts your organization at risk 

  • How today’s threats are targeting your data and accessing it with valid credentials

  • Benefits of a modern data protection solution including: 

    • Reduced IT overhead and cost of ownership

    • Improved visibility, accessibility and automation

    • Lower total cost of ownership and reduced risk 


Joshua Stenhouse,
Field CTO & Director of Cyber Resilience

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