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Granular Object-Level Recovery for SQL Server

Rubrik's Live Mount for SQL Server technology provides the ability to grant near instantaneous access to specific point-in-time copies of our production databases.

While this technology provides endless use cases around testing and development, it also gives customers the ability to perform granular object-level recovery of items within the database. This paper will walk through the process of utilizing Live Mount to perform individual record-level recovery for our SQL Server databases, without requiring the need to provision storage resources or copy large amounts of data across the network. Rubrik's Live Mount technology enables near-zero Recovery Time Objectives and drastically accelerates customer restores.

This Solution Walkthrough will outline the process of:

  1. Performing a Live Mount on a SQL Server point in time backup
  2. Recovering and validating individual records from a Live Mount back to our production database.
  3. Performing an unmount operation on the point in time copy, discarding changes and removing from the production SQL Server instance.

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