Framework for a Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Plan

Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Plan Ebook cover


Let’s face it, recent ransomware attacks have caught many IT professionals off guard. Reason being is they honestly didn’t have adequate plans in place. And it’s not totally their fault. The ransomware attacks of today are far more sophisticated. Which means you need an equally sophisticated, yet easy to implement plan in place to survive and recover.

In this whitepaper, Framework for a Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Plan, we give you the tools to develop your own ransomware recovery playbook.

You’ll learn how to help your organization:

  1. Respond quickly and confidently in a crisis setting

  2. Recover data and restart applications faster

  3. Reduce business interruptions and costs related to remediation

  4. Meet requirements from auditors and cybersecurity insurers

  5. Avoid paying data ransoms

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