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Keys to Data Protection & Disaster Recovery in the Enterprise

Keys to Data Protection & Disaster Recovery in the Enterprise

The IT world has changed forever, and it’s up to you to keep up with those changes. If you’re doing things the traditional way, with silos, simple firewalls, and lots of manual processes, you’re falling behind the competition. This brief is your onramp to upgrading your infrastructure for the modern era, showing you how to properly manage data, security, and systems in a way that will get your business humming.

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct will protect petabyte-scale data directly to public or private cloud and Rubrik can move data from other NAS vendors to NetApp ONTAP or StorageGRID. The Rubrik system provides for true, immutable security to protect against ransomware attacks and the Rubrik CDM platform uses a secure API approach that provides automation hooks in addition to secure data access. The Rubrik-NetApp partnership truly checks all the boxes for immutable security, flexibility, scaling, simplicity, and automation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Secure Your Data and Systems Protecting Them from Ransomware and Other Attacks
  • Simplify Your Operations
  • Automate Processes for Better Efficiency

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