European research report

Cyber Resilience: Are Organisations Following The NCSC Guidelines?


Framework for a Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Plan


Rubrik supported by a bespoke research by Computing,  surveyed 110+ IT leaders to reveal what organisations are doing to follow NCSC guidelines and how to incorporate the guidelines into your cyber resilience strategy moving forward.

Key findings:

  1. Only 46% of organisations said they have made changes to their cyber resilience strategy in response to the NCSC guidelines

  2. 58% said they had the necessary tools in place to implement the NCSC guidelines

  3. Less than 30% of organisations are currently using anomaly detection, zero-trust architecture, air gapping and immutable backup as part of their cyber resilience strategy

  4. 55% of respondents are confident that they have the right tools to contain malware and prevent reinfection

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