1. Set Up

To start protecting your Microsoft 365 environment and the business critical data that lives within it, all you need to do is select which Azure Region you would like Rubrik to host your data in and then authenticate into your Microsoft 365 environment. That’s it. 

For the sandbox environment, you will be provided a set of credentials that can be used in lieu of your production environment credentials.

2. Assign SLA 

After completing the initial set up process, the next step in a production deployment is to assign an SLA Domain -- which defines how often to take a backup and how long to keep that backup -- to each Microsoft 365 Application (i.e. OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.) or to an individual Exchange Mailbox and OneDrive User, a SharePoint site, or a Team. Once assigned, Rubrik will automatically protect the objects based on the assigned SLA Domain. 

3. Restore

In today’s threat environment, customers must assume compromise and be prepared to respond to a ransomware attack. During these events, it’s important to have a solution in place that that maximizes the Microsoft 365 APIs to restore your environment as quickly as possible. To help you evaluate the real world performance of the Rubrik Microsoft 365 environment, the final sandbox in this series will walk you through the complete restoration process, including the exact restoration times seen in our product environments.

Microsoft 365 Setup Demo

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