Legacy backups were built for
natural disasters, not cyber attacks.

Some things just
don't make any sense...

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So why are you still trying to
defend against cyberattacks
with legacy backup tools?

Legacy backups are unfit
for cyber recovery


They don't allow you to easily test and prove cyber recovery


They can't protect your data from being compromised


They can't easily identify data at risk or affected by an attack


They can't quickly restore data without risking reinfection

Most organizations are not prepared
to recover from a cyberattack.


of IT and security leaders were made aware of at least one attack in 2022.


of external organizations
reported malicious actors attempting to
impact data backups during a cyberattack.


of the attacks on backups were at least partially successful.

Relying on legacy backups to protect your data against cyberattacks
could leave you dealing with the aftermath for months and cost your
organization millions of dollars.


That's why leading organizations, such as GSK, NVIDIA, The Home Depot,
and Allstate are ditching their legacy backup tools for a data
security solution designed for cyber recovery.


Rubrik Security Cloud is the leading data security platform. 

It uses a unique backup architecture designed with zero trust principles
to protect data across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications

Data Protection

Safeguard data with secure backups

Protect your data from insider threats or ransomware with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups.

Safeguard data with secure backups
Monitor data risk and investigate faster
Data Threat Analytics

Monitor data risk and investigate faster

Continuously monitor risks to your data, including ransomware, data destruction, and indicators of compromise.

Cyber Recovery

Restore business operations faster

Improve cyber readiness by easily testing and orchestrating recovery workflows while reducing the risk of reinfection.

data remediation

Restore impacted data faster, safer, and with confidence

Rubrik helps you quickly return to business as usual. Recovery simulation, automation and snapshot quarantining enable you to rapidly recover your apps, files or objects while avoiding malware reinfection.

Langs Building Supplies
Recovered 100% with Rubrik

"With Rubrik, we were able to analyze the impact, quickly identify what data was encrypted, and where it resided in our environments.

We did not have to pay the $15M ransom. We lost zero data. We were fully recovered, up and running in less than 24 hours, which is fantastic."

Matthew Day 


Witness a ransomware attack firsthand

Get all of the experience with none of the risk in this fully immersive experience.

save the data

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The Trusted Data Security Solution for Cyber Recovery

Rubrik Security Cloud helps you defend against cyber attacks with a data security solution designed for cyber recovery.

save the data

Don't bet your business on legacy backups.
Get a cyber recovery solution before it's too late.

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