Ransomware Recovery Warranty FAQ

What is Rubrik’s Ransomware Recovery Warranty?

What constitutes an Eligible Solution to qualify for warranty coverage?

What protected data is covered by the warranty?

What ransomware incidents can trigger this warranty?

What is Rubrik Enterprise Edition?

What is Rubrik Enterprise Proactive Edition?

What is Rubrik Cloud Vault?

What does a Rubrik Customer Experience Manager (CEM) do?

What are the warranty coverage tiers, and how is the applicable payment cap determined?

What expenses are covered by this warranty in the event of a Ransomware Incident?

How long is this offer covered for customers (i.e., contractual term)?

How much does the warranty cost?

Are the terms and conditions of the warranty negotiable?

Are pre-existing events covered by the warranty?

What are the data security best practices that need to be implemented?

Are Rubrik Security Cloud - Government (RSC-G) or Rubrik Security Cloud - Private (RSC-P) eligible for the warranty?

Are end customers of Rubrik MSPs and GSIs eligible for the warranty?

In which countries is the warranty available?