Cyber Resiliency in a Nutshell

No organization is immune to cyber attacks

Lengthy time to restore after ransomware attacks = #1 pain

A strong contingency plan is essential for organizations’ cyber resiliency

Built-in immutability safeguards backups from corruption

Are You Prepared for a
Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware is growing fast. It’s a big business whose attacks are getting more sophisticated, frequent, and complex to detect and recover from. Cyber attacks have costly implications for businesses of all sizes. The extensive damage organizations face upon falling victim to a data breach can cause significant operational downtime, costly mitigation and recovery, sensitive data loss, reputational damage, and legal consequences. Security requires immutability and with this growing threat, the ability to quickly recover and maintain business continuity becomes critical to surviving cyber attacks and minimizing data loss. 

  1. How much downtime can your business withstand after a ransomware attack?

  2. Are your backup files and data immutable and instantly accessible?

  3. Do you test and evolve your backup files and disaster recovery procedures?

  4. What's your ransomware recovery strategy?

6 Steps to Achieve Cyber Resiliency

We were hit with a ransomware attack in June that infiltrated our environment and began encrypting data, rendering it unusable. Rubrik helped us quickly recover 100% of the systems it was protecting. After the incident, we were so impressed that we moved more of our legacy systems to Rubrik and are fully confident that Rubrik’s immutable backups will protect us from future incidents.

Craig Witmer

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Best Practices for Rapid Ransomware Recovery

In the event that ransomware evades your prevention measures, minimize your risk by choosing a backup solution with built-in immutability, granular impact assessment, and rapid recovery.

Download the ransomware remediation guide to dive deeper into a comprehensive backup and recovery solution and learn how to build an effective ransomware remediation plan to ensure you can quickly respond to a cyber attack without paying any ransom.



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