Cloud Data Management for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud IT

A single software platform that securely delivers backup, recovery, analytics, and compliance across data centers and clouds.

SLA Automation

Replace hundreds or thousands of backup jobs with just a few policies that can be applied across all your workloads.

Rapid Recovery

Search across your global environment and find exactly what you’re looking for. Click recover and mount directly for near zero-RTO.


Any behavior we can trigger from the UI can be scripted, automated, and integrated into tools you may already own.​

Secure by Design

Once backup data is written it can never be changed.​ Meaning your backups are safeguarded against ransomware and other threats.

Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Data Security

Cyber threats are growing at an alarming rate. Learn how to protect backup data and minimize the impact of ransomware attacks with Zero Trust Data Security.




Organizations can run Rubrik anywhere via plug-and-play appliances on-premises, as software on qualified hardware, or as software in the cloud.

Cloud data management on-premises or in the cloud

Instant Data Recovery


Recovering data with legacy systems can be slow. Finding the files that you need to recover and then reassembling a copy that's useful can take hours.​ With Rubrik, you can search for a backup and then select the right point in time to recover from for near-zero RTOs/minimal business interruption/near-instant recovery.

Flexible Cloud Archival

Archive your data to your public cloud provider’s blob storage service. Ensure instant accessibility of archived data with real-time predictive search of cloud storage.


Cloud Data Management Solutions for Every Deployment

We support industry-leading applications, operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds, and SaaS applications.

data center

In your data center

Consolidate hardware and software components into a single platform.

At the edge

Extend data management to virtualized and physical remote and branch offices.

In the cloud

Deliver backup, replication, and disaster recovery for cloud-native apps.

On industry platforms

Deploy on qualified industry-leading hardware platforms and cloud providers.

Rubrik Product Compliance

At Rubrik, we continue to invest in ensuring that our Platform is in compliance with and supports key global compliance standards and frameworks to build a strong foundation for cloud data management and simplify how you manage and protect data in the cloud. This ensures that the use of our Platform will not negatively impact our customers’ security compliance.

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