European research report

Immutable back-ups: Separating hype from the reality


This report, underpinned by bespoke research findings, will explore what makes a back-up solution truly immutable, according to 150 UK and EU IT leaders from a variety of sectors, including education, technology, finance and the public sector.

Key findings:

  1. 75% of UK and EU IT leaders agree that “back-ups are the most important defence against ransomware”

  2. 2/3 of UK and EU IT leaders agree that instant recovery is a key part of ransomware recovery strategy, but only 34% said that their back-up solution provided instant recovery.

  3. 37% of UK and EU IT leaders are not aware of their backup vendor’s immutability and security principals against ransomware.

  4. For almost 58% of represented organisations, standard protocols were used for writing to storage. By definition this isn’t an immutable back-up and increases the likelihood of ransomware intercepting the data.

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