Friday 20th October 2023 | 11:30am - 12pm (AEDT)

Sensitive Data Discovery - The Complete Demo

Who has access to your data? Where is it? Are you sure?Learn how you can proactively discover and secure your sensitive data!

Are you subject to compliance or data
privacy laws? What type of sensitive
data do you have? How do you protect
against exposure to bad actors today?

Can you easily answer those questions or do you need to take a microscope to your data?

Rubrik can discover sensitive, personally identifiable information and information subject to regulations that’s hiding in your unstructured data. This helps you create an inventory to support current and future data privacy regulations, and even the ability to customise policies and analysers to your own unique requirements.

With Rubrik, you eliminate the need for separate tools that tax your production environment. You can get started immediately with no additional infrastructure, no learning curve, and no need to train personnel to babysit a new tool. With Rubrik, you leverage your existing backup data.

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During this session you will learn how to:


Eliminate manual tagging or annual cleanups. Use predefined
policy templates or build your own to get automatically alerted on violations.

Identify potential violations of internal compliance policies by identifying where sensitive data is
located and who has access without production impact to  mitigate business risk.

Drive consistent, repeatable processes and ensure continuous monitoring of location of sensitive data to facilitate compliance with applicable privacy laws.