Modern Database Protection

Orchestrate database protection across on-premises and the cloud with a single platform. Give database teams their time back while providing control over recoveries.

Modern Database Backup and Protection

Rubrik Simplifies Database Backup and Protection

Unify-backup, recovery, archival, replication, search, analytics, compliance capabilities, and management of self-service clones into a single platform.

Streamline Manual Work

Automate database discovery and manage protection of large-scale database environments with a single SLA policy engine.

Defend Against Ransomware

Keep your databases safe with immutable backups and instant recoveries. Ensure minimal downtime of critical systems.

Access the Cloud

Protect databases in the cloud and mobilize data for cost-efficient long-term retention, disaster recovery, or test/dev.
Analyst Report

Rubrik named a LEADER. Yet again.

Gartner® named Rubrik a Leader in the Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions for the third year in a row.

2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Extend Native Backup Utilities

Rubrik database protection is grounded in native backup utilities and dynamically generates scripts based on policy inputs.

Database protection in native backup utilities

Standardize Database Protection

Reduce management complexity, costs, and data ownership ambiguity. Manage your physical, virtual, and cloud workloads from a single UI driven database backup platform.

Standardize Database Protection

Accelerate Database Clones

Database administrators can provision unlimited point-in-time database copies with Rubrik Live Mount. Instantly recover an entire database or restore data down to a single table without provisioning additional storage.

Accelerate Database Clones

A Closer Look: Rubrik for Database

Rubrik delivers broad support for industry leading databases across on-premises and the cloud.

Microsoft SQL Server

Fully automate your SQL server backups or quickly provision a clone from any point-in-time.


Restore entire databases with near-zero RTOs or recover down to a single tablespace.


Integrate Rubrik seamlessly into your existing tools, including SAP HANA Cockpit and Studio.

Cassandra and DataStax

Eliminate complex backup tools and reduce operational, media server, and storage costs.


Stream backups with no quiescing of MongoDB for always-on applications. Protect sharded and unsharded clusters.

Other Databases

Protect any database with your own scripts and still benefit from Rubrik SLA policies and immutability.
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Modern Data Protection for Databases

This guide explores what modern database protection entails, examining the difference between the legacy and modern approach in four areas essential for successful data protection.

Modern Database Backup and Protection

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