Keep Your Databases Running in the Face of Any Threat

Automatically secure all of your database data and recover only what you need, when you need it.

Modern Database Backup and Protection

Protect Against Ransomware and Get Your Time Back

Reduce the risk and complexity of protecting large-scale database environments across on-premises and the cloud. Never worry about leaving a database unprotected again.

Keep Your Database Data Secure and Available

Secure your data with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups that can be replicated and archived to multiple locations.

Protect Your Databases at Creation

Automatically discover all of your databases as they’re created and keep them protected with inherited SLA policies that you define.

Backup and Access Data Faster

Reduce backup windows and access data in minutes with parallelization, incremental backups and Rubrik Live Mount.

Simplify the Complexity of Database Protection

Streamline protection of your databases with unified global catalog management, ease of use, and self-service access.

Recover What You Need, When You Need It

Easily recover entire databases or only the data you need with the flexibility to restore specific data or entire workloads at scale.

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Modern Data Protection for Databases

This guide explores what modern database protection entails, examining the difference between the legacy and modern approach in four areas essential for successful data protection.

Modern Database Backup and Protection

Reduce Storage Impact

Limit the wasteful storing of duplicated data by leveraging Rubrik’s incremental forever approach to backups. Don’t limit yourself to only your latest recovery point, give yourself the flexibility to recover from any point-in-time with Rubrik.

Reduce Storage Impact

Accelerate Database Clones

Provision point-in-time database copies in minutes with Rubrik Live Mount. Recover an entire database or restore data down to a single table without having to provision additional storage.

Accelerate Database Clones

Extend Native Backup Methods

Rubrik database protection is grounded in native backup utilities and dynamically generates scripts based on policy inputs.

Extend Native Backup Methods

Gorilla Guide: Cyber Resilience for Databases

Learn how to ensure the resilience of these critical assets in the face of cyber-attacks, operational failures, and other database risks.

Gorilla Guide: Cyber Resilience for Databases

Protect Any Database with Rubrik

Rubrik delivers broad support for industry leading databases running on-premises and in the cloud.

Microsoft SQL Server

Fully automate your SQL server backups or quickly provision a clone from any point-in-time.


Restore entire databases with near-zero RTOs or recover down to a single tablespace.


Integrate Rubrik seamlessly into your existing tools, including SAP HANA Cockpit and Studio.

Cassandra and DataStax

Eliminate complex backup tools and reduce operational, media server, and storage costs.


Stream backups with no quiescing of MongoDB for always-on applications. Protect sharded and unsharded clusters.

Other Databases

Protect any database with your own scripts and still benefit from Rubrik SLA policies and immutability.
RSC Is User Friendly & Easy To Setup

May 23, 2023

Setup and administration of RSC is very straight forward. User friendly administration. I love that they are partnered with Microsoft since we are a Microsoft shop. The dashboards are great and informative.

no-image Sr. Systems Administrator Software
Rubrik Is The Gold Standard

Oct 25, 2022

Can't beat the support and the security of Rubrik Cloud Backup. It's easy to restore files to a particular time. I feel very secure knowing that the data is immutable. Two-factor authentication is great.

no-image Systems Architect Government
Rubrik Security Cloud Is A Fabulous Product

Oct 26, 2022

RSC is a highly scalable, simple to use product that has reduced our backup window by over 50%. It was simple to implement and quick to deploy.

no-image Technical Support Manager Healthcare and Biotech
Implementation Was Quick And Software Updates Quick. Customer Service Exceptional.

Sep 7, 2023

The vendor customer support was top notch from day one and continues to impress me with the interactions. They were able to implement a functional solution to a problem in little time and was able to improve that solution weeks later.

no-image Security Engineer
An Amazing Tool And Team To Have On Your Side

Oct 13, 2022

Rubrik is an amazing tool. It allows us to focus on infrastructure rather than worry about backups. It provides redundancy for all aspects of our system. The UI is very intuitive and working with the tool, support and reps has been amazing.

no-image Infrastructure Administrator IT

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