What is Rubrik?
Data Security and Zero Trust Explained

Rubrik is a cybersecurity company that focuses on much more than data backups. Learn how we implement Zero Trust Data Security to protect your data.

Cyber prevention alone is not enough

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Despite large investments in infrastructure security tools, bad actors are finding their way through to the data. And they know legacy backup tools are vulnerable, so they are increasingly targeting backup data.


of IT and security leaders reported their organization experienced a significant cyberattack last year.


of external organizations conducted a formal data loss notification to a governing organization.


of attacks against external organizations where attackers tried to affect backups were at least partially successful.

When a cyber attack takes down your data, it takes down your organization. It’s time for a new approach–one that marries the investments you’ve made in infrastructure security with data security.

Make your organization cyber resilient

Cyber resilience enables organizations to:

  • Keep all your data safe and available

  • Spot data risks and threats sooner

  • Recover your data quickly, securely and confidently.

cyber resilience

The Trusted Data Security Solution for Cyber Recovery

Still relying on legacy backup systems? You're putting your data and your organization at risk. Here's why you need a data security approach instead.


Over 6,100 organizations trust Rubrik to keep their data secure


What is Rubrik Security Cloud?

Rubrik Security Cloud delivers complete cyber resilience for your data across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS.

Security Cloud

Safeguard data with secure backups

Protect your data from insider threats or ransomware with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups.

Safeguard data with secure backups

Enterprise Data Protection

Keep your enterprise data safe from attacks or disasters.

Cloud Data Protection

Ensure your cloud data is secure from compromise.

Saas Data Protection

Secure your SaaS application data with automated protection.

Unstructured Data Protection

Protect, monitor, and rapidly recover against cyberattacks at petabyte-scale.

Mass Recovery

Restore business operations quickly by recovering apps, files, or objects at scale.


Monitor data risk and investigate faster

Continuously monitor risks to your data, including ransomware, data destruction, and indicators of compromise.

Monitor data risk and investigate faster

Anomaly Detection

Determine the scope of cyberattacks using machine learning to detect deletions, modifications, and encryptions.

Threat Monitoring

Detect threats early by automatically identifying indicators of compromise within backups using an up-to-date feed of threat intelligence.

Threat Hunting

Determine the initial point, scope, and time of infection by identifying specific indicators of compromise within the time-series history of backup data.

Data Security Posture

Proactively reduce data exposure risk

Identify and monitor sensitive data exposure and use intelligent risk insights to maximize data security posture.

Safeguard data with secure backups

User Intelligence

Reduce data exposure risk by identifying and limiting who has access to sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Monitoring

Reduce sensitive data exposure and manage exfiltration risk by discovering what types of sensitive data you have and where it lives.

Data Security Command Center

Identify security gaps, quantify data risk, and provide actionable recommendations to improve data security posture.

Cyber Recovery

Restore business operations faster

Improve cyber readiness by easily testing and orchestrating recovery workflows while reducing the risk of reinfection.

Threat Containment

Ensure safe and quick data recovery by quarantining data infected with malware.

Cyber Recovery Simulation

Improve cyber readiness and incident response by easily creating, testing, and validating cyber recovery workflows.


Warranty 3.0 | Rubrik

Maximum Cyber Resilience. Maximum Peace of Mind.

Rubrik is confident in its data recovery. Hence, we offer our customers $10M ransomware recovery warranty.

* Terms and conditions apply. Maximum warranty available dependent on volume of data protected. Refer to warranty agreement for more information. This warranty may be subject to additional local laws and regulations in certain jurisdictions. Rubrik reserves the right to modify the terms of this warranty or refuse to offer this warranty in any jurisdiction in its sole discretion due to requirements imposed by local laws and regulations.

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