Rubrik Cyber Recovery Simulation

Take the uncertainty out of cyber recovery

Improve cyber readiness and incident response by creating, testing and validating your cyber recovery plans in isolated recovery environments.

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Improve cyber readiness and incident response

Operational complexity and inability to test and validate the effectiveness of cyber recovery plans can lead to data loss and increased downtime during a cyber attack. Rubrik Cyber Recovery Simulation helps you ensure business continuity by providing the tools needed to create, test and validate your cyber recovery plans.

Test and validate your cyber recovery plans

Create cyber recovery plans and conduct regular testing and validation in isolated recovery environments to ensure recovery SLAs are met.

Prove the success of your cyber recovery plans

Measure time taken for recovery and provide detailed historical performance reports to auditors and insurers to protect business operations.

Assess your cyber readiness faster

Quickly mount and investigate anomalous snapshots in isolated environments using your own choice of security tools.

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Prove the effectiveness of cyber recovery plans

Monitor recovery progress, measure outcomes such as execution time and check status of validation scripts. Download reports about recovery performance on-demand to prove that regular testing of cyber recovery capabilities is taking place to ensure data protection and security controls.



Investigate anomalous snapshots

Clone production data into isolated recovery environments to investigate snapshots for malware and use your own choice of security tools to conduct cyber readiness assessments, such as penetration tests or red teaming, without impact to production.


Orchestrate cyber and disaster recovery workflows

Improve operational efficiency and automate orchestration of cyber and disaster recovery workflows through a single user interface. Automate identification of clean recovery points for quick recovery of applications to production.


Accelerate cyber recovery using the power of AI

Streamline decision-making during a cyber incident and respond faster to emerging threats. AI-powered cyber recovery is designed to minimize data loss and reduce downtime from cyber attacks through generative AI recommendations. 

Ransomware Response

Enhance your clean room

No two ransomware attacks are the same, and neither are recovery options.

With Rubrik, you can recover what you need with guided workflows and easily identify clean recovery points to recover to an IRE, clean room, or back to your production environment.

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