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By January 2025, financial services organisations must implement the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) to meet the European Union’s latest standards for cyber resilience. Explore how Rubrik can assist with DORA.

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Financial Institutions are in the Top 2 Industries for Cyberattacks

Financial services institutions face more pressure than ever to level up their data security strategies against daily escalating cyber threats. This sector is in the top two cyber hit-list industries, and 60 percent of global financial institutions with assets under $5 billion encountered ransomware attacks in 2022 alone.

To mitigate the impact of cyber threats and accelerate cyber resilience, financial services organisations will be required to implement the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Fines for non-compliance can go up to 2 percent of their total annual worldwide turnover.

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How Rubrik Can Assist With DORA

DORA is a European Union regulation designed to accelerate cyber resilience capabilities among financial services institutions. EU member states will need to abide by the law, which will require financial services organisations to improve their response to operational disruptions, such as cyberattacks.

Rubrik can help organisations align to the following core pillars of DORA:

  1. ICT Risk Management

  2. ICT-related Incident Reporting

  3. Operational Resilience and testing

  4. Third Party Risk Management

  5. Intelligence Sharing

Case Studies

Trusted by the World’s Leading Financial Services Organisations

Compliance regulations continue to evolve and change. Our financial services customers have peace of mind knowing that Rubrik can help them manage constantly changing compliance requirements. See more stories in our financial services customer lookbook.

NWB Bank

"As a financial institution, we are required to protect our clients’ data by enforcing strict SLAs...With the assistance of Rubrik’s support team, we now have a report that satisfies our external audit team. With Rubrik, we have a one-click procedure to produce SLA reports, which show we are indeed compliant with regulatory requirements."


“As our company has grown, so has the demand for enhanced IT performance. Our external customers, which include financial and insurance companies, are asking us to adhere to strict SLAs. Rubrik has also allowed us to increase operational efficiency by streamlining our data management processes, allowing us to utilise our team’s resources.”

City National Bank

“As a bank, we cannot close our doors to our clients. Downtime is not an option.Rubrik allows us to remain agile, staying current with the market demand, and where the bank wants to be from a strategic level.”


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