Don’t count on a legacy provider to achieve complete cyber resilience.
Rubrik makes it easy to protect your data and save money.

Data security can’t look to the past. It has to be reimagined from the ground up.

Here’s what Cohesity’s Veritas acquisition really offers customers:

  • Retrofitted capabilities without a strong foundation

  • Lots of uncertainty with very little innovation

  • A meandering path forward that doesn’t end in cyber resilience

Cohesity will be the #1 legacy
backup and recovery provider.

Rubrik offers complete cyber resilience built from the ground up


Readily available data that’s
air-gapped, immutable, and access controlled


The ability to understand and
evaluate risks to your data and detect anomalies


Automation and AI capabilities that help you quickly get back to business after an attack


A single, easy-to-use, unified
platform for cost efficient data protection

Ready to see what complete cyber resilience looks like?

Reach out and get an offer that will make you question your investment in Veritas and Cohesity.

One way or another, legacy vendors will cost you.

Whether it’s through distractions that hinder innovation, the disparate solutions that cost your teams time, or a cyberattack that slows your organization to a halt, all legacy solutions come with a hidden price tag.

Rubrik can protect your data, while increasing cost-saving efficiencies across teams. And when you’re faced with a cyberattack, Rubrik can help you get back to business as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Ready to experience complete cyber resilience? Contact us, and we’ll make you an offer that gets you there while saving you money.


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Your legacy backup and recovery provider isn’t lying to you. They’re just omitting these five uncomfortable truths.

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San Joaquin County drops Cohesity for Rubrik

"I started looking into Rubrik and the solution checked all of the boxes for me. It could do all of the things that Cohesity couldn’t, plus its native immutability offered me peace of mind with regards to cyber threats. We were able to replace multiple backup solutions with a standardized data management platform across all departments."
- David Newaj, Assistant CIO

San Joaquin County

Don't bet your business on legacy backups.
Get complete cyber resilience before it's too late.

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