Webinar: A Customer Love Story: From Legacy Tape to Next-Gen Data Protection with Rubrik and Nutanix AHV

Global Telecom provider, PCCW Global, spent years searching for a next-gen backup solution to replace their costly, complex, and time consuming legacy environment. The IT team saw significant benefits from implementing Nutanix AHV as their hypervisor, but was unable to find a suitable backup and recovery solution to support their transition. When Rubrik announced native support of Nutanix AHV, Frederic Lhoest, Sr. Technology Architect at PCCW, knew it was the solution he had been searching for.

During this live webinar, Frederic will present an in depth case study around his Rubrik and Nutanix environment, accompanied by experts from Rubrik and Nutanix to discuss the strengths behind the integrated solution.

Join this webinar to learn how PCCW leveraged a turnkey Rubrik and Nutanix AHV solution to:

  1. Reduce their data storage by 80%
  2. Improve their RTO from hours to minutes
  3. Eliminate tape
  4. Enhance their data protection strategy with increased reliability and security



Frederic Lhoest
PCCW Global


Geert Verbist


Chris Paap

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