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Pure FlashBlade™ Data Protection with Rubrik

As data continues to grow, supporting billions of files or more creates an increasing strain on backup and recovery environments. Traditional methods of backing up large amounts of file data can exacerbate server CPU and memory usage to the point of degraded application performance. This white paper will discuss the results of rigorous performance testing using Rubrik and Pure FlashBlade™ to solve challenges faced with traditional backup and recovery methods.

Download this white paper to learn:

  1. Why and how to measure when testing the protection of primary file data residing on Pure FlashBlade™.
  2. How quickly Rubrik can ingest large filesets.
  3. The performance of a Rubrik and Pure Storage solution when scanning small files on a complex directory.
  4. The recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO, RTO) associated with a combined Rubrik and Pure Storage solution.

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