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Secure data across Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive & Teams 

  1. Simplify Backups: Take a SaaS-based approach to protecting your most critical productivity suite and ensure data is secure, easily discoverable, and always accessible.

  2. Turbocharge Recovery: Easily locate single files or entire folders with global predictive, file-level search to quickly recover from data loss.

  3. Automate Management at Scale: Eliminate manual, time-consuming job-scheduling and streamline policy management across thousands of users with Rubrik’s SLA policy engine.

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Why Rubrik for Microsoft 365 protection?

Rubrik builds on Microsoft’s native tooling with built-in backup and recovery automation to safeguard from data loss and facilitate streamlined management of the Microsoft 365 suite. 

Don’t leave your critical applications susceptible to data loss. With Rubrik’s protection for the Microsoft 365 suite, you can back up, recover, and meet compliance with confidence.


Zero Trust Data Security for M365 with Rubrik and Microsoft

Addressing cyber attacks and other challenges require two shifts in approach. Download ebook to read more. 


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