Business Benefits

Enable Digital and Cloud Transformation

As you look to implement a cloud strategy, Rubrik provides a single software platform to protect applications across data centers and clouds, automate self-service at scale, and eliminate operational complexity.

Ensure Data Recoverability

Protect your enterprise apps, search across applications and files, and achieve near-zero RTOs with self-service access and granular recovery.

Simplify Operations

Drive consistent data management experience across all your environments. Reduce infrastructure footprint with a 100% SaaS solution.

Drive Cloud Mobility

Unlock the cloud for long term data retention. Mobilize data to the cloud on-demand for test/dev or cloud recovery.

Automate Workflows

Control your on-prem and cloud apps with a rich suite of API services to drive consistent and efficient operations. Simplify data lifecycle management.

Achieve Data Control

Decouple your applications and data from the infrastructure and compute. Ensure data sovereignty by keeping your data in your cloud.




Capabilities Overview

Elevate Data Management to New Heights

Send your structured and unstructured data to any low-cost cloud storage, like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob, for long-term retention. Optimize costs with intelligent data tiering to AWS Glacier and Azure Blob storage.

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Protect All Your Clouds

Enterprise Data Protection for Any Cloud

Don’t leave your cloud infrastructure defenseless. Secure against data loss and enable business continuity with fault-tolerant data protection for your cloud data, wherever it lives.


Transform Backup Data into a Business Asset

Rubrik combines metadata from diverse and dispersed data sets across your enterprise into a single system of record to derive context and transform backup data into a business asset. With Rubrik, address governance, compliance, data privacy regulations, ransomware activity, and cloud mobility for Multi-Cloud Data Control.