Our critical infrastructure is under attack

With critical infrastructure more connected, mobile, and automated than ever, you need to protect it from operational failures and increasing cyberattacks.

Data Protection

What’s really at stake

When critical infrastructure goes down, the effects can be felt well beyond one organization. A single attack can affect households, organizations, hospitals, and more, putting lives at risk.

Attacks are more frequent

There was a 140% increase in cyberattacks against critical infrastructure in 2022, according to a Waterfall Security report.

Attacks are devastating

The US Department of Homeland Security says attacks on critical infrastructure threaten “national security, economic prosperity, and public health and safety.”

The future looks bleak

With the current rate, cyberattacks could shut down 15,000 industrial sites by 2027, according to Waterfall Security.

You can’t afford an attack on operational technology

The outages caused by an attack on operational technology can take down critical services, resulting in loss of life.


Rubrik Security Cloud for Government safeguards your critical infrastructure

Give your constituents the essential services they need—even when under attack.

Modernize services

Deliver safe, reliable public utilities and services to your constituents.


Increase resiliency

Keep your agency running even in the face of disasters and cyberattacks.

Minimize costs

Allocate your budget where it matters most and reduce where possible.

Maintain trust

Provide trusted, secure services that your constituents can rely on.

Protect critical data and systems

Secure your data with air-gapped, immutable, and access-controlled backups.

Enhance security monitoring

Continuously monitor for data threats, including ransomware and indicators of compromise.

Accelerate recovery

Recover exactly what you need rather than performing mass restores that slow you down.

Increase availability and uptime

Gain visibility into your data and ensure it’s available at all times.

Increase cyber resiliency

Reduce your cyber incident impact and respond quickly and confidently.

Validate your recovery plans

Improve cyber readiness by easily testing and orchestrating recovery workflows.

white paper

Report, Observe, Act: Cyber Recovery for Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is under attack—and it's your responsibility to report those attacks, minimize future risk, and recover quickly. Here's how to do it.

2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant
US Certifications

Rubrik is certified to protect your data

Rubrik Security Cloud for Government is StateRAMP certified, and our FedRAMP certification is in process.

State Ramp
why rubrik

Rubrik for your critical infrastructure

Rubrik is secure by design—not through bolt-on features to make up for lackluster security.


Rubrik’s immutable file system prevents unauthorized access or deletion of backups.

Zero Trust

Rubrik is the pioneer in Zero Trust Data Security™, delivering complete cyber resilience.


Rubrik uses role-based access control (RBAC), so only the right people can get into your environment.


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