A Modern, Vendor-Agnostic Approach to NAS

Overcome the challenges of legacy backup and archive solutions with a single, consolidated solution for all network attached storage technologies.

Simple Operations

Automated, policy-based backup and archive operations for any NAS devices, with no need to manage hardware or software.

Storage Freedom

Simple, rapid data mobility across all file infrastructure for storage freedom to any on-premises or cloud NFS/S3 target.

Global Visibility

Real-time indexing and powerful search for up-to-date file visibility and analytics across your unstructured data.

Unstructured Data Management with NAS Cloud Direct

Download this ebook to learn how NAS Cloud Direct can help you manage petabytes of file data between on-premises systems and the cloud. Unlock policy-driven simplicity, cost savings, and high performance at scale across all NAS and any cloud.


Backup and Archive


Protect file data stored on any NAS system and write data to on-premises or cloud-based storage target. Enjoy blazing performance at scale with highly parallel data movement and scan operations with Rubrik's NAS backups.

Backup and Archive

Discover and Index


Identify cold data, or search for files, folders, users and groups, and take action, even on a petabyte scale.

Discover and Index

Search and Restore


Quickly retrieve the relevant data. Search-to-recover any version of your backup data at the file, directory, export, or system to original source or alternate target.

Search and Restore

Effectively Manage and Scale Growing Unstructured Data

Eliminate backup windows and accelerate data restore operations with NAS data protection.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Lower TCO with no hardware to manage and flexible, SaaS pricing.

Cost-effective Cloud Mobility

Store directly and efficiently to achieve tier of cloud storage. Consolidate backups to repurpose or monetize data.

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