Eliminate Complexity. Automate Workflows at Scale.

Extend Rubrik’s RESTful APIs into your configuration management tool of choice with minimal number of calls. Simplify orchestration of daily data management tasks across your entire infrastructure. Align technology to business needs with a single policy engine that automates SLAs for all your virtual workloads. Create backups on-demand at the desired point-in-time for compliance testing.

Infinite Scale

Manage thousands of apps with a few lines of code. Automate end-to-end workflows at scale.

Policy-based Automation

Assign SLA protection policies for all your workloads with one policy engine.

Align with Business SLAs

Automate compliance to adhere to strict business requirements.

Get Work Done Faster. Free Up Your Time for Innovation.


Easily deploy new configurations in minutes across all your workloads. Accelerate the delivery and operations of infrastructure with your orchestration tool of choice. With Rubrik, complete critical data protection requests at scale, reliably. No more manual updates.

One of our key drivers in choosing Rubrik was its API-first architecture. It was a perfect fit for our automation-centric approach.

Jason Hull
Senior Systems Manager


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How It Works

How Rubrik & Configuration Management Tools Work Together

Leverage Rubrik’s custom pre-built modules with your orchestration tool of choice to deliver critical data management functions from day one. Rubrik auto-assigns associated data protection policies when new workloads are provisioned. Every operation between the Rubrik cluster and configuration management tool is powered by Rubrik’s RESTful APIs.

  1. Automate SLA protection policies
  2. Orchestrate custom lifecycle management workflows
  3. Migrate apps to cloud
  4. Ensure SLA compliance at scale


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