Secure & Flexible Data Management

Seamless Integration

Integrate with the overall Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM) platform. Leverage the same automated SLA policy management.

Broad Support

Support any database or application. Leverage native and third-party backup tools to protect your physical and virtual environments on-premises or in the cloud.


Ensure backups are compliant with business SLAs while empowering DBAs with access to self-service backup and recovery.

Multi-Level Defense

Protect your backup data against ransomware with native immutability. Detect anomalies, analyze threat impact, and accelerate recovery.


The Data-Forward Enterprise: How to Maximize Data Leverage for Better Business Outcomes

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Rubrik Elastic App Service Adapts to Your Workloads


Perform effective data reduction without using excessive compute and memory. EAS today supports app awareness for Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL.

Self-Service Clones

Mount EAS snapshots to on demand test/dev environments. Reduce the time needed to make copy data available for test/dev use cases without impacting production.

Fast Ingest

Rubrik’s innovative and scale-out architecture result in faster ingest than traditional deduplication target solutions.

SLA Automation

Continue using current backup and restore processes while leveraging Rubrik SLA Domain Policies to configure backup frequency, retention, replication, and archival.

Use Cases

A Closer Look: Elastic App Service

Protect any database or application with native tools and existing workflows.

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Retain full control over database backups on-premises or in the cloud while enforcing data life cycle management, disaster recovery, and SLA policies.


Leverage existing scripts and processes while benefitting from Rubrik SLA domain policies, native immutability, and deduplication.


Protect legacy environments or retired operating systems such as Oracle database versions less than 10g and HP-UX.