Backup Modernization
Meets Amazon RDS

Rubrik reimagines RDS protection with automated backup and accelerated operational recovery.

Policy-Based Automation

Eliminate manual job scheduling. Save time by leveraging a central UI to implement SLA policies to all your RDS instances across your AWS accounts and regions. Make sure your backup and recovery requirements are met with flexible, customized retention.

Blazing Fast Recovery

Meet your most aggressive RTOs with automated, click-based recovery. Restore your RDS instances to an exact point in time within minutes. Ensure uninterrupted data access across all RDS instance types and availability zones.

Unified Management and Reporting

No more point products that increase cost and operational complexity. Leverage one solution for global management and reporting across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Having a single solution to seamlessly manage data access across all our cloud services is essential. Our current legacy solution offers limited visibility into our environment and recovery is uncertain and time-consuming. Knowing that we will be able to restore our RDS database instances to a single point in time to minimize data loss and ensure uninterrupted data access with Rubrik will give us peace of mind.

Dave Hailwood, Senior Systems Engineer
Canterbury Christ Church University

Use Cases

Do More With Your
Data on AWS

Data Archival

Send your app data to the cloud for long-term retention while retaining immediate access with predictive search.

Cloud-Native EC2 Protection

Centralize management with one policy engine to automate EBS snapshot lifecycle management. Locate and recover an EC2 instance or file with just a few clicks.

On-Demand Instantiation

Use the cloud as a low-cost DR target. Spin up new apps in the cloud or migrate existing on-prem apps to the cloud for test/dev.


Deliver replication any way you want. Heterogeneous cloud providers, different regions under the same cloud provider, or cloud to on-prem.


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