Challenges with NAS Backup Alternatives

Traditional NAS backup methods with scale-out appliances and NDMP enforce vendor lock-in, lower performance, and higher TCO.


NDMP: Backup Performance at Scale

Backup window is too long due to periodic full backup requirements, increasing RPO SLA failure rates.

NDMP: Index and Recovery Performance

Slow indexing creates bottlenecks on the infrastructure; without indexing and granular restores, recovery time is lengthy.

Scale-Out Backup Appliances: Higher TCO

Being locked in with storage provided by scale-out backup appliances results in higher TCO.

Our Unique Approach

A Modern, Vendor-Agnostic Approach to NAS

Our non-NDMP design is the foundation of our vendor-agnostic approach to NAS

Rubrik protects NAS data in a generic format, enabling cross-platform archival and recovery anywhere across public or private cloud. Migrate your NAS data to any storage tier of choice to avoid vendor lock-in or drive storage savings for long-term retention.

Being able to manage our NAS archives within Rubrik’s intuitive environment provides better and more transparent protection for our growing NAS environments and allows us to reap the benefits of scalability and cost efficiencies in the cloud.

Dustin Brandt
Director of IT


The Buyer's Guide to Backup & Recovery

A comprehensive, vendor-neutral backup & recovery buyer's guide to help you think through the strengths and weaknesses of backup & recovery solutions available today.



Benefits with the Rubrik Approach

Cloud Mobility

Orchestrate petabytes of NAS data – such as animation, video, and design files - across on-prem and cloud with Rubrik's NAS Direct Archive.

Instant Access

Autodiscover NAS data for quick setup. Indexed metadata enables fast search across on-prem and cloud with granular, file-level recovery.

Lower TCO

Minimize storage and egress costs with incremental-forever backups. Rubrik only stores metadata while sending files directly to your archival location.