You are the CISO of a leading financial services firm serving a large number of clients with substantial assets. You process a massive volume of data every day, and much of it is sensitive: customer account information, social security numbers, and other PII. 

Or, you are the VP of infrastructure operations at a healthcare company, and your mission is to protect petabytes of data, including sensitive information such as patient medical records, diagnostic reports, treatment plans, and other confidential data. 

No matter your industry, whether IT or Security, you know how critical it is to keep your business-critical information safe. So, you’ve invested heavily in your data security strategy: top-of-the-line databases featuring the latest protection, a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan, and a team that’s the best in the business at thwarting daily cyberattacks. 

As a result, you assume your bases are pretty well covered. But what about your unstructured data?

Did you know that an estimated 90% of your data is going to be unstructured in the next five years?1 Moreover, it is estimated that a typical company manages an average of about 24.8 million sensitive files.2  Hackers know that your unstructured data likely has sensitive information, so they’re intentionally targeting backups. The massive scale of unstructured data makes it hard to know what sensitive data you have and where it lives. That leaves you struggling to manage, analyze, and protect that data from cybercriminals. 

Traditional backup methodologies like tape, NDMP, replication and versioning are insufficient at backing up this data because they are slow, require complex deployment and management, lead to storage consumption bloat and are not designed to provide cyber resilience or efficiently handle the growth of unstructured data. The need for a secure and scalable backup solution to manage this huge volume of unstructured data efficiently is critical.

Organizations rely on object storage to manage data across cloud and on-premises environments. Rubrik is committed to protecting data wherever it lives—on-premises, in the cloud, and in SaaS applications. Rubrik introduced NAS Cloud Direct in 2021, which enables our customers to achieve cyber resilience, lightning-fast data protection and recovery, and operational efficiency for large-scale unstructured files and objects. Building upon this foundation, we are now extending this capability to protect S3-compatible on-prem object stores. 

Rubrik Announces Data Protection for On-Premises S3-Compatible Object Stores

Rubrik is excited to announce the general availability of its latest advancement in unstructured data protection: a software-only solution designed for protecting on-premises S3-compatible object stores. This feature addresses the complexities of managing and safeguarding large-scale, on-premises S3-compatible object stores, an area where traditional backup practices such as tape, NDMP, and snap-and-replicate have proven insufficient in performance and scale.

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Expansive Support of S3 Storage Platforms

With this announcement, a new type of system called "Generic S3" is now available. It allows for the integration and backup of S3-compatible object storage and has been designed to provide seamless integration with any on-premises S3 storage platform. Rubrik has internally validated the protection of Dell ECS, NetApp StorageGrid, and Pure Flashblade. Customers can leverage Rubrik for additional platforms, such as Cloudian,, RedHat CEPH and IBM Cloud Object Storage, with possible supplementary validations to be included in forthcoming releases.

Performance Built for Petabyte Scale

This added protection enables customers to perform comprehensive data backups at a petabyte scale, including incremental and policy-driven options and enhanced restore functionality. This solution uniquely addresses the scale and complexity specific to on-premises S3 environments. Customers can benefit from improved security, faster performance, operational efficiency, and quicker granular recovery from data loss incidents compared to traditional legacy backup approaches. With ultra-high speeds, our internal test has shown it can perform a first full backup of 238 million objects in just 11 hours and 46 minutes and restore those objects in 6 hours and 52 minutes.3

We Are Just Getting Started

This release brings with it the familiar benefits of automated protection and zero-trust design. We will continue to improve our support of on-premises S3-compatible object stores by focusing on key areas in the future, such as data classification to identify sensitive information, full-feature parity with existing sources, advanced version history backups, enhanced performance for large object counts, and the ability to identify ransomware-impacted files and recover them surgically. 

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct for on-premises S3-compatible object storage is an excellent choice for organizations looking to store and access large amounts of unstructured data objects on-premises. The solution offers many benefits, including scalability, data security, flexibility, high performance, cost savings, and ease of deployment. 

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3 - Internal test environment leveraging Pure FlashBlade