Speed, Mobility and Economy

Rubrik combines cluster-consistent Cassandra backup with automation and deduplication to deliver benefits other solutions cannot.

Speed & Simplicity

Apply a backup policy with a few clicks. Cluster-consistent backup, parallel streaming and orchestrated, repair-free recovery let you start using your application during recovery.

Cloud Mobility

Move data from on-premises to any cloud and back. Restore data from large production Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise databases to smaller test databases.

Storage Economy

Rubrik semantic deduplication reduces Cassandra multiple data center replicas to a single always-consistent copy, amplified by incremental-forever so you can achieve significant storage savings.


Strategies for Building an Enterprise Data Lake

Data-driven decision making is changing how we work and live. Get an introduction to data lakes, tips for creating a successful data lake, common data lake architectures, and how to take advantage of big data.


Next-Gen Data Management for Cassandra

As you build and scale mission critical applications on Cassandra, Rubrik Mosaic helps you automate backup and any point-in-time recoveries to meet your SLAs in support of data compliance regulations while protecting against Ransomware. Even as you scale deployments across multiple geos and clouds. Accelerate application development efforts by recovering the latest production data for your test/dev environment utilizing a different database topology.

Data Protection for DataStax Enterprise Search Indexes and Databases

Learn how Rubrik Mosaic includes protection for DSE Search indexes – a capability that no other solution can provide.

VMware vSAN and Rubrik Mosaic for NoSQL Data Management

Review a typical reference architecture for Rubrik Mosaic in a shared storage VMware infrastructure (VMware ESX, VMware vSAN).

NetApp and Rubrik Mosaic – Data-Centric Protection for Cassandra

View a reference deployment of Rubrik Mosaic and NetApp for protection of large-scale Cassandra databases.

Solving Data Management Challenges for NoSQL Databases

NoSQL databases like Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise present unique data protection challenges that cannot be solved by legacy solutions.