Rubrik Cloud Data Management

Manage Data at Scale

What is Cloud Data Management?

A single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centers and clouds.

Why Rubrik?

Rubrik is a single platform that manages all data in the cloud, at the edge, or on-prem for backup, disaster recovery, archival, compliance, analytics, and copy data management. Rubrik powers on your data instantly (for recovery to test/dev) and unleashes hard savings from a converged architecture.


  1. Simplify Backup and Recovery
  2. Accelerate Cloud Adoption
  3. Enable Automation at Scale


The Definitive Guide to Rubrik Cloud Data Management

Download this guide to learn more about the design principles and components of Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform, how customers leverage Rubrik for disaster recovery, test/dev, self-service management, multi-layered ransomware defense, and more.



Platform Overview

Instant Search

Deliver near-zero RTOs with predictive search. Locate VMs, physical databases, applications, or files, whether the data resides on-premises or in the cloud.


Rubrik wipes out management complexity with just a few clicks through a single policy engine that orchestrates service level agreements (SLAs) across the entire data lifecycle. Automate management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with one programmatic interface.

Self-Service & Orchestration

At the core of Rubrik lies a powerful suite of APIs that can orchestrate data from data center to cloud. Integrate Rubrik into your ideal automation stack to accelerate service delivery. Deliver self-service and automated custom lifecycle management workflows that play well with third party services.

Analytics & Reporting

Rubrik Envision unlocks actionable insights across the hybrid cloud with customized visual reporting. Deliver platform analytics across your entire environment on operational efficiency, compliance, and capacity utilization. Create and share rich data visualizations to drive business acceleration at scale.

Security & Compliance

Data is secured in-transit and at-rest throughout its lifecycle, regardless of location. Rubrik delivers granular role-based access control while automating compliance reporting to successfully complete various industry and internal audits. Recover quickly from ransomware from immutable backups native to the platform.

API-First and Cloud-Scale Architecture

Rubrik is a vendor-agnostic platform that is built on an API-first architecture. Leverage our powerful suite of APIs to integrate seamlessly with third party services. Rubrik is purpose-built for cloud integration and infinite scale to enable hybrid cloud for all enterprises.

Rubrik provides Cyso with unprecedented simplicity that allows my team to focus on our customers and continue to innovate. We now have the scalability and flexibility to grow with our customers and all their data management needs.

Tjebbe de Winter
Co-founder and CTO

Best-in-Class Data Management for Applications

Designed to be vendor-agnostic from Day 1. Supports industry-leading applications, operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds, and SaaS applications.



Choose Your Model

Linear scale in capacity and performance with plug-and-play appliances and software editions.

Rubrik Appliances

Consolidate hardware and software components into a single platform.

Rubrik Software at the Edge

Deploy a software appliance to extend data management to virtualized and physical remote and branch offices.

Rubrik Software in the Cloud

Elevate data management to the cloud with backup, replication, and disaster recovery for cloud-native apps.

Rubrik Software on Industry Platforms

Deploy Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management software on qualified industry-leading hardware platforms.

Rubrik Appliances

Rubrik delivers standard and enhanced flash appliances to satisfy your data management needs.

Rubrik Product Compliance

At Rubrik, we continue to invest in ensuring that our Cloud Data Management and Polaris Platforms are in compliance with and support key compliance standards and frameworks to build a strong foundation for cloud data management and simplify how you manage and protect data in the cloud. This ensures that the use of our Platforms will not negatively impact our customers’ security compliance. 

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