Certified Data Protection on AWS


Fast Track to AWS with Rubrik

Rubrik provides a single software to protect and manage your data across on-prem and AWS, including support for AWS Outposts.


Management simplicity via policy-driven automation


Fast recovery for near-zero RTOs and RPOs


Application mobility for cost-effective long term retention, application recovery, or test/dev


Native protection of your virtual workloads and SaaS applications running on AWS

Use Cases

How Enterprises Use Rubrik and AWS

Eliminate error-prone manual scripting. Use one policy engine to automate EBS snapshot lifecycle management. Quickly find and recover files with predictive search.

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Extending Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security To Your AWS Environments

Ransomware doesn't care where your data resides, and the need to ensure that your data is secure should be top of mind no matter where it lives. Learn how to protect backup data and minimize the impact of ransomware attacks with Zero Trust Data Security.




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Cloud Native Protection

Automatically discover, protect, organize, and manage all your data and apps on AWS through a singular, easy-to-use view.

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Rubrik Cloud Data Management Platform on AWS

Learn more about how Rubrik Cloud Data Management can be instantiated as a software instance running on AWS.

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Zero Trust Data Security for Financial Institutions with Rubrik and AWS

Gain a single software platform that uses a Zero Trust model, an immutable architecture, and Amazon S3 Object Lock to defend against ransomware and speed recovery efforts.

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Extending Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security to AWS Environments

Learn about the ransomware threat landscape and how Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security can help protect your backup and archive data—both on-premises and in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments—from ransomware attacks.

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