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Rubrik Partners

Protect All Your Microsoft Enterprise Applications

Rubrik delivers a software platform to protect, automate, and govern Microsoft applications across data center and Azure. Enterprises achieve near-zero RTOs, self-service automation at scale, and accelerated cloud adoption.


Zero Trust Data Security from Datacenter to Azure

Using Zero Trust Data Security, enterprises can recover their data after an attack and avoid paying the ransom. Together, Rubrik and Microsoft will help enterprises manage hybrid and multi-cloud data security, and defend against escalating ransomware threats.


Cloud + SaaS


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Fast Track to Azure with Rubrik

Rubrik for Microsoft delivers a single software to protect and manage data from on-prem to Azure.


Management simplicity via policy-driven automation


Fast recovery with instant access, from on-prem to Azure


Application mobility for cost-effective long term retention, application recovery, or test/dev


Native protection of your virtual workloads and SaaS applications running on Azure

It's easier than ever to secure your Azure environment with Rubrik

Rubrik is now available on the Azure Marketplace. Access cutting-edge protection for your cloud workloads - certified and optimized to run on Azure.

How it Works

How Enterprises Use Rubrik and Microsoft

Modernize backup and recovery of virtual applications and workloads with native snapshots and API-based data protection on Azure.


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