Safeguard your data against critical attacks to keep business moving forward

Rubrik’s integration with the CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR platform unifies comprehensive threat visibility and rich data context in one place, enabling security teams to quickly understand, prioritize and safeguard their most important data assets and boost their cyber resilience.

By integrating Rubrik Security Cloud with the CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale, you can ingest, unify, and visualize Rubrik’s robust data context in Falcon LogScale alongside additional third-party data sources to quickly see data under threat, attack vectors, and attack behaviors to effectively defend against data-centric threats. 

Quickly identify targeted attacks on data

Gain rich, unified visibility of your environment and your data with Rubrik and CrowdStrike’s comprehensive threat coverage to quickly detect and stop potential attacks

Accelerate investigation and prioritization

Bring best-in-class threat intelligence and data context together to effectively prioritize threats targeting critical data and speed up investigations

Enable effective recovery and restoration

Streamline security and IT ops and keep your business moving forward with secure recovery and restoration

How it works

Rubrik and CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale

Gain visibility into rich Rubrik data context through CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale

Rubrik | CrowdStrike

Unified Data and Threat Context in One Place

Unify visibility and minimize complexity to quickly detect critical attacks on data like ransomware and insider threats. Rubrik brings context about your data directly into CrowdStrike’s unified console so you can prioritize and respond to threats faster.

On-demand Webinar

Defend against critical data attacks with Rubrik & CrowdStrike

Learn how you can unify visibility across your environment and minimize complexity to quickly detect critical attacks on data like ransomware, insider threats, and more.