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Rolland Miller

Served the country as a Marine from 1992-1996. Serving the storage industry since 1999. USMC, (CPL) 0331 Machine-Gunner.

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Rubrik -  - The Need for Scale


The Need for Scale

For almost two decades, I’ve been advising clients on their storage and backup and recovery system architectures with solutions that are limited in scalability. The need for scale only becomes more paramount over time and often sneaks up on you. Data generation and consumption grow at exponential rates. Data volume and conversely, the need for scale, is driven by three leading factors: Company maturation – Information scales alongside company growth. Economies of scale – Economies of scale bring cost savings. For example, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are aggregators of multiple SMB environments. Data explosion – Big Data, mobile cloud era, IoT. Need I say more? Now try to imagine AT&T Stadium at max capacity (80,000 people) after a Cowboys game, with just one exit hall. We’ll never get out of here. No thank you. This is what it’s like if you’ve been using current backup and recovery solutions available in the market today. I have spent the last few years setting up multiple media agents, servers, global dedupe pools that don’t dedupe across each other because they are silo’d, or even separate resource pools for dedupe data and snapshot data (it’s the same data!). It was the same story over, over, and…