Simplified Microsoft SQL Server Protection

Rubrik provides management simplicity, powerful performance, and enterprise scale for Microsoft SQL Server protection.

Simplified Management

Eliminate management complexity with a single SLA policy engine to manage the complete backup lifecycle.

Fast Recovery

Deliver near-zero RTOs by mounting SQL Server directly on Rubrik. Get RPOs down to minutes.

Enterprise Scale

Protect thousands of databases from a single pane. Control backup configurations and database-level recoveries.

Empowering SQL Server DBAs With Modern Backup & Recovery

Help SQL Server DBAs do more with less as they deal with expanding data volumes and shrinking time and resources.

Live Mount for Self-Service Clones


Enable near instant recovery for physical and virtual databases. Live Mount a database to recover a single table or to operationalize your backups to get more out of your data.

Compliance Visibility 


Quickly indentify the latest database recovery points at a glance with near real-time details about the last snapshots and log backups.

Operationalize Your Backup Data


Spin up databases clones in near real-time without a storage penalty. Leverage clones to drive health checks, facilitate compliance, and automate test/dev refresh.

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