The Simplest Way to Protect Microsoft 365

Rubrik builds on Microsoft’s native tooling with comprehensive backups and recovery automation to safeguard from data loss and facilitate streamlined management of your Office 365 applications.

Protect from Ransomware with Air-gapped Data

Secure access and zero trust architecture​ for data protection.

Recover from Accidental Deletion

Recover and restore lost data with point-in-time recovery, granular restores, near-zero RTOs.

Unify Management of Microsoft 365, Datacenter and Cloud Apps

Simplicity of a single backup solution for all workloads.

Meet Rubrik Cloud Vault

Our latest data security and ransomware recovery solution for comprehensive Microsoft backups including Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Secure Setup in Minutes


Rubrik leverages industry-standard modern authentication to securely connect with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Rubrik automatically discovers users so you can begin assigning policies immediately. Protection assigned at the subscription level is automatically inherited by all managed users to reduce vulnerability.

Policy-Based Management at Scale


Rubrik eliminates manual, time-consuming job scheduling. Automate protection and assign SLA policies at the subscription, site, or user level. All user-created and default folders in mailboxes are automatically protected.

Instant Search and Restore


Quickly browse through point-in-time snapshots with granular search to deliver faster file-level and bulk recoveries. Restore entire folders of business data or individual items to any designated location. Rubrik provides role-based access control to designate user permissions for self-service access.

Take your data strategy forward with Rubrik 

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