Secure Your Microsoft 365 Data

Secure your Microsoft 365 application data with air-gapped, immutable backups automated protection and Sensitive Data Monitoring, and rapid recovery.


Secure your data

Recover Rapidly

Find and recover the data you need with fast search and restore. Help expedite remediation efforts by knowing whether SharePoint sites or files and folders in OneDrive impacted in an attack contain sensitive data With flexible recovery options, select data for granular or bulk recovery.

Withstand Cyber Attack

Protect mission-critical Microsoft 365 data with immutability and an air gap. Keep backups secure even if hackers manipulate Microsoft security tools like Retention Policies to delete your production data.

Automate Protection and Manage Sensitive Data Risk

Automate policy assignment and job scheduling for large-scale Microsoft 365 environments. Avoid security gaps by protecting new data automatically. Proactively mitigate attack impact and help comply with industry and government regulations with Sensitive Data Monitoring to make sure sensitive data exists only where it should.


Zero Trust Data Security for M365 with Rubrik and Microsoft

Addressing cyber attacks and other challenges require two shifts in approach. Download ebook to read more. 

quickly restore

Recover Rapidly

Find and restore data fast. Help ensure files are still retrievable 60, 90 days and beyond without relying on eDiscovery and Litigation Hold, or the Recycle Bin and versioning to store and revert changes.

Recover from accidental data deletion

Quickly Locate the Data You Need

Search for files based on details like email subject or author. Recover individual files or emails, shared mailboxes or entire OneDrive folders.

Restore Data Where You Want

Restore to the original user or another user. Rubrik instances in Azure Blob Storage make API calls to recover to your preferred location.

Perform Fast Backups and Restores

Rubrik stands up separate containers for every backup job, where Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) orchestrates provisioning and deprovisioning operations. Nodes scale automatically based on workload demands.

coming soon

Rubrik Data Protection for Microsoft 365 Backup Storage

Rapidly recover Microsoft 365 data in bulk using Microsoft APIs. An option for the largest enterprises with tens of thousands of users and billions of files, Rubrik and the Microsoft 365 Backup solution from Microsoft provide high-speed backup and accelerated restores, all managed from within Rubrik Security Cloud.


Recover Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory)

As with Rubrik-hosted protection, help ensure recoverability for Entra ID users and groups by automatically recreating Entra ID objects with Rubrik and recovering data with roles and permissions intact.

Automate Protection in a Single Platform

Centralize management and reporting for more comprehensive Microsoft 365 protection alongside Rubrik-hosted Teams protection and your other SaaS, enterprise, and cloud applications. 


Withstand Cyber Attack

Together, Microsoft and Rubrik gives you complete data protection solutions. Microsoft provides perimeter security, detection, and preservation for eDiscovery, with Rubrik accelerates ransomware recovery across hundreds or even thousands of users and provides insights into what sensitive data was compromised in an attack and where it lives


Secure with an Air Gap

Keep your backup data isolated, separate from the Microsoft 365 tenant and solution.

Grant Secure Access and Keep Attackers Out

Maintain least privilege principles. Prevent unauthorized access with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) - even if Microsoft 365 admin credentials are compromised.

Reduce Sensitive Data Risk

Proactively identify and classify sensitive data within OneDrive or SharePoint by scanning backups - with minimal production impact. Facilitate compliance with GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GLBA regulations. Gain insight into what regulatory bodies may need to be notified if certain type(s) of data are impacted in an attack.


Automate Protection and Manage Sensitive Data Risk

Centralize management and reporting for Microsoft 365 plus other workloads you need to backup. Eliminate manual job scheduling in a single SaaS application with one policy across environments. Get sensitive data policy violation alerts based on pre-built or custom analyzers and schedule reports for audits. 


Centralize Management

Automatically Protect New Users, Sites, or Mailboxes

Automatically discover new data and assign policies at the application level or according to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) Groups. Override group SLAs for granular protection.

Ensure Backups are Running

Check compliance, SLA audits, recovery tasks with reports on demand on protection status and how sensitive data is classified and flagged.

Handle API Failures and Detect Outages

Rely on a fully automated retry mechanism and switching among available Microsoft APIs. Simplify the troubleshooting process with a health check to determine outages based on a Microsoft Service API specific to your environment.


Are You Ready to Recover Your M365 Data from Cyber Threats?

Rubrik and Microsoft security experts explain why targeted Microsoft 365 data requires external backups.

RSC Is User Friendly & Easy To Setup

May 23, 2023

Setup and administration of RSC is very straight forward. User friendly administration. I love that they are partnered with Microsoft since we are a Microsoft shop. The dashboards are great and informative.

no-image Sr. Systems Administrator Software
Rubrik Is The Gold Standard

Oct 25, 2022

Can't beat the support and the security of Rubrik Cloud Backup. It's easy to restore files to a particular time. I feel very secure knowing that the data is immutable. Two-factor authentication is great.

no-image Systems Architect Government
Rubrik Security Cloud Is A Fabulous Product

Oct 26, 2022

RSC is a highly scalable, simple to use product that has reduced our backup window by over 50%. It was simple to implement and quick to deploy.

no-image Technical Support Manager Healthcare and Biotech
Implementation Was Quick And Software Updates Quick. Customer Service Exceptional.

Sep 7, 2023

The vendor customer support was top notch from day one and continues to impress me with the interactions. They were able to implement a functional solution to a problem in little time and was able to improve that solution weeks later.

no-image Security Engineer
An Amazing Tool And Team To Have On Your Side

Oct 13, 2022

Rubrik is an amazing tool. It allows us to focus on infrastructure rather than worry about backups. It provides redundancy for all aspects of our system. The UI is very intuitive and working with the tool, support and reps has been amazing.

no-image Infrastructure Administrator IT


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