Rubrik for MongoDB

Modern protection for modern databases

Automatically protect your MongoDB databases as they are created and deliver flexible recovery across on-premises and the cloud.

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Flexible protection you can count on

Simplify the protection of your MongoDB databases with a single software solution that allows you to backup where you want and recover how you want.

Pinpoint Backups

Take application-consistent backups at the database or collection level without disrupting database and application performance.

Protect Everything

Centralize protection of geographically distributed MongoDB shards and replica sets with a single software solution.

Save on Storage

Reduce redundant copies of replicated data into a single consistent copy and amplify efficiency with an incremental-forever approach.

Gorilla Guide: Cyber Resilience for Databases

Learn how to ensure the resilience of these critical assets in the face of cyber-attacks, operational failures, and other database risks.

Gorilla Guide: Cyber Resilience for Databases
Zero Trust Data Security

Bring Data Resilience and Remediation to Your MongoDB Databases

Automatically protect your MongoDB data and rapidly recover to restore business operations.

Automated Protection

Stay protected without lifting a finger

Deploy Rubrik on physical servers, virtual machines, containerized environments, or cloud compute instances and automatically discover sources, databases, and collections as they are created. For sharded clusters, enter a single IP address for a source server and Rubrik will automatically discover all of the shards. 

Configure backup frequency and retention through inherited SLAs that can be assigned at the cluster level to automatically protect your databases or at the database level to automatically protect your collections.

Automated Discovery
Flexible Recovery Options

Recover what you want, how you want

Leverage point-in-time recoveries to bring back the data you need. Recover complete databases or filter down to specific collections. Easily restore operations of geographically distributed with support for sharded to sharded, sharded to unsharded, and unsharded to unsharded across on-premises and the cloud.

Flexible recovery options
SaaS Platform

Unified management & reporting

Manage protection of all your databases across on-premises and the cloud with a centralized UI. Monitor operations with event audits and reporting to clearly identify tasks that have succeeded, failed, or have been canceled.

Saas platform
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Databases Protection for Dummies

Learn how to accelerate backup and recovery speeds, protect against ransomware, and bridge the gap between backup and database administrators.


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Rubrik for MongoDB

See how Rubrik can protect and recover critical MongoDB Server datasets using air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups.