Reduce cyber risk and protect patient data

Protect and quickly recover EHR, enterprise, cloud, and SaaS data from cyber attack. Centralize management and minimize data risk to continue delivering excellence in patient care.

Mass recovery


Keep patient Care on track

Keep medical and business system data secure and readily available. Monitor for emerging cyber threats or sensitive data exposure. Surgically and rapidly restore impacted apps or files while avoiding malware reinfection.

Recover Rapidly From Cyber Attack

Restore data in mission-critical workloads like Epic on Azure and Microsoft 365 from natively immutable backups. Confidently focus on patient care and meeting research and operational deliverables on time.

Centralize Data Protection

Manage and automate protection across your EHR, unstructured data and more - in one platform. Easily scale operations as you consolidate data centers, transition to the cloud, or gain new staff and systems from hospital mergers and acquisitons.

Strengthen Cyber Posture

Prepare for and detect cyber threats, determine attack scope, and reduce sensitive data exposure risk. Help meet cyber insurance requirements with a zero trust architecture and adherence to the NIST framework and prove that your growing hospital, lab, or research facility is prepared to be resilient against cyber attacks.

recover data fast

Rapidly recover from cyber attack

Recover to a suggested snapshot

Achieve Near-Zero RTOs

Perform individual record-level recovery with near-zero Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) using Rubrik Live Mount for databases - no need to provision storage resources or copy large amounts of data across the network.

Keep Critical Systems and Operations Running

Rapidly restore business-critical data like Microsoft 365 from secure, air-gapped, immutable, and access-controlled backups.

Accelerate Cyber Investigation and Recovery

Pinpoint impacted apps, files or objects. Determine the last known clean copy of data based on user-specified YARA rules with Threat Hunting. Automate threat response via Rubrik integrations with Microsoft Sentinel and Azure OpenAI Service.

automate protection

Centralize data protection

Recover to a suggested snapshot

Secure EHR Data with Policy-Driven Protection

Automate backup, replication, and archival of Epic and Cerner EHR, including Caché/IRIS, Clarity, and Caboodle databases. Shorten backup windows with parallel ingestion and an incremental-forever approach, with no impact on production systems.

De-Risk and Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Protect EHR running in the cloud with the same policy-based simplicity and security at scale. Minimize costs without the need for specialized resources.

Protect Unstructured Data

Handle petabytes of patient records, lab tests, PACS imaging, and research data. Balance security and performance to protect and manage NAS data 10x+ faster with Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct than with legacy NDMP-based solutions.

Data risk monitoring

Strengthen cyber posture

Quickly discover whether your data is safe and ready to recover from a cyber attack. Identify security gaps, quantify data risk, and get actionable recommendations to improve your data security posture.

Recover to a suggested snapshot

Follow Epic EHR Best Practices

Keep data safe with native immutability and a distributed filesystem to manage data at scale quickly and efficiently – from ingest to restore.

Facilitate Compliance

Discover and classify PII, PHI, and PCI data to reduce potential exposure risk. Fight double extortion ransomware and more accurately prevent data loss by proactively identifying where sensitive data resides and who has access. Help manage compliance with HIPPA and GDPR.

Keep Patient Care Running

Surgically restore files and objects with visibility into how data changed during an attack. Contain threats and orchestrate recovery while avoiding malware reinfection.


How Healthcare Organizations Can Develop an Effective Ransomware Remediation Plan

Healthcare organizations must develop a strong ransomware remediation plan that relies on uncompromised backups. Download this ebook now to begin building your own recovery strategy.



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