Cloud Data Management for VMware

Rubrik provides radically simplified, policy-driven backup, archival, and cloud migration for VMware vSphere environments.

Protect vSphere Environments

Drive Operational Efficiency

Simplified Management

Backup, recover, and relocate virtual environments independent of their infrastructure and location.

Cloud Mobility & Savings

Leverage the cloud for cost-effective archival and test/dev. Auto-convert vSphere VMs to cloud instances in AWS and Azure.

Instant Recovery

Reduce recovery times from hours to minutes. Provision clones or recoveries without sending requests to help desk.

Minimize Data Loss with Continuous Data Protection

Learn how you can ensure your mission critical data is secure with Rubrik's Continuous Data Protection (CDP), which delivers near-zero RPOs to minimize data loss.


Automate IT Operations

Rubrik for vRealize Automation

Deliver automated backup, instant recovery, test/dev, and compliance to the end user or help desk.

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Rubrik for vCloud Director

Accelerate self-service delivery of data management services across a multi-cloud, multi-site environment.

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Policy-based Automation


Instead of backup jobs, create backup and retention policies in minutes. Automatically apply SLA policies to vSphere groupings based on tags, clusters, and folders.

Cloud Mobility


Mobilize vSphere VMs across on-prem and cloud for achival, test/dev, and application migration. Auto-convert VMs into cloud instances such as Amazon EC2 or Azure VM with a single click, enabling on-demand cloud test/dev.

Continuous Data Protection


Rubrik enables a continuous stream of recovery points to minimize data loss in the event of a failure or ransomware attack, enabling near-zero RPOs for VMware vSphere.


VMware Ecosystem Support


Rubrik provides backup and recovery functionality to vSphere and vSAN workloads, and Rubrik also integrates with vRealize Automation and vCloud Director to automate protection of virtualized infrastructure. 

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