Atlassian data protection - coming soon

Minimize business disruption for Atlassian data

Avoid productivity loss and minimize business disruption with secure, automated backups for your mission-critical Atlassian data. Rapidly recover with precision and confidence.

Mass recovery

Secure your Atlassian Data

Cyber-Proof Your Data

Help ensure business continuity with secure, logically air gapped and access-controlled backups.

Automate Protection and Manage Risk

Go beyond Atlassian retention policies with automated, enterprise-scale protection and recovery. Manage data risk with unified visibility and control.

Recover with Precision and Confidence

Restore the right data from the right point in time. Recover your data both granularly and in bulk with flexible restore options.

Jira cloud

Secure your Atlassian Jira Cloud Data

Organizations use Jira Cloud as a powerful work management tool for everything from product release requirements to agile software development.

Maintain the productivity of your IT, Engineering, and DevOps teams. With Rubrik, you can quickly and easily recover projects, issues, attachments, sprints, workflows, screens, and fields.

SaaS apps
Analyst Report

Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

To help infrastructure and operations leaders as they consider new backup solutions, Gartner has evaluated 14 vendors based on 10 critical capabilities in three use cases.


Secure Data for Migration to Atlassian Cloud

Protect your data as you move to Atlassian Cloud. As you adopt SaaS-based services like Atlassian Jira Cloud, help make sure your data is both secure and recoverable.

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Search and restore

Restore with precision and confidence

Protect more data and protect it longer than native retention policies allow.

SaaS apps

Quickly find lost data

Search based on details like Jira Cloud project or issue and begin a recovery in minutes.

Pinpoint your recovery needs

Identify what data has been modified or deleted and when changes first appeared. Compare versions of backup snapshots against live production to understand specific data and metadata differences.

Flexible recovery

Recover the data you need, when you need it

Avoid unnecessary data loss and having to restore everything by keeping good data untouched, and overwriting only deleted or modified data.

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Restore at a granular level

Restore an entire org, site, object, or individual item. Follow a simple and intuitive, step-by-step recovery flow. Restore both projects and configurations, keeping parent-child relationships intact. Select which data to overwrite and how to handle schema changes and conflicts.

Recover from bulk data changes

Restore data after inadvertent widespread modifications like project configuration changes.

Simplified compliance

Stay compliant

Gain visibility into your backups. Run compliance reports for internal business units and external auditors showing what data is protected and what is not. View backup job and restore history, including successes, failures, and skips. 

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Secure backups

Keep Atlassian data safe

Help ensure your mission-critical data is safe and accessible when you need it.

SaaS apps

Grant Secure Admin Access

Assign and manage user permissions with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to maintain least privilege principles and prevent unauthorized access.

Keep Attackers Out

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) prevents access even if Atlassian admin credentials are compromised.

Secure with a Logical Air Gap

Even if your identity defenses are breached by a ransomware threat actor or rogue user, Rubrik keeps your backup data isolated, separate from the Atlassian Cloud. Backups are stored in a Rubrik-managed environment on Microsoft Azure and secured with AES 256 encryption in-flight and at-rest. Rubrik is SOC 2 Type II certified, with 99.9% service availability.

white paper

Zero Trust Data Security for Dummies

Discover how a Zero Trust Data Security architecture can improve your security posture and fortify your defenses against modern cyber threats.


Unify management and scale

Centralize management and reporting for Atlassian data and your organization’s other critical data - in a single UI.  Eliminate manual scripting with one policy across data environments.

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Perform Automated and On-Demand Backups

Automate backup job scheduling with multiple daily backups. Set backup frequency and retention according to your needs. Create a backup copy before rolling out new deployments.

Automatically Protect New Data

Meet the demands of your growing environment. Rubrik automatically secures Atlassian data like Jira Cloud issues and projects, adding new data to scheduled backups.


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