Unify Control and Empower Your Backup Teams

Backup teams often don’t have access to the same native tools SAP administrators do for backup and recovery. Provide backup admins with the visibility and control they need from a single pane of glass.

Unify Protection

Keep your SAP HANA databases protected no matter where they are - centralize reporting and monitoring.

Streamline Manual Work

Reduce the need for manual work by automating the discovery and protection with a single SLA-policy engine.

Operate at Scale

Scale-Up and Scale-Out while lowering RPOs and RTOs with configurable data and log backups.

Modern Data Protection for Databases

This guide explores what modern database protection entails, examining the difference between the legacy and modern approach in four areas essential for successful data protection.

Automated Discovery


Automatically discover all SAP HANA Databases on-premises or in the cloud by adding SAP HANA hosts and systems.  Rubrik will take care of the rest.

Automated Protection


Automatically protect SAP HANA databases by assigning inherited SLA policies at the host or database level. Define backup frequency, retention, archival and replication for full, incremental, and differential backups.

Centralized Monitoring and Reporting


Review summary, monitoring, and system performance data with centralized monitoring. View the status of backups, SLA compliance, system health, and latest recovery points with comprehensive reporting.

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