Automated Oracle Data Protection

Get Your Time Back Without Losing Control of Recoveries

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Streamline Manual Work

Automate database discovery and manage protection of large-scale Oracle database environments with a single SLA policy engine.

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Control Recoveries

Recover databases without sending requests to a help desk. Deliver near-zero RTOs of Oracle databases running on-premises or in the cloud.

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Ensure Recoverability

Validate Oracle backups from any point-in-time with no added storage. Quickly identify latest recovery points and get details on snapshots and log backups.

Access the Cloud icon

Access the Cloud

Mobilize data to the cloud for long-term retention, disaster recovery, or test/dev and protect Oracle databases in the cloud with the same features as on-premises.

Empowering Oracle DBAs with Modern Backup and Recovery

Learn about the new generation of tools that complement and extend your RMAN scripts for a seamless backup and recovery experience for Oracle databases.


Automated Discovery


Automatically discover all Oracle clusters, hosts, databases, and tablespaces by installing a lightweight connector on Oracle hosts or RAC nodes.

Automated Protection


Automatically protect Oracle databases by assigning inherited SLA policies at the host, instance, or database level. Define backup frequency, retention, archival and replication. You can even control how long Oracle archive logs are retained on the source.

Live Mount for Self-Service Clones


Quickly create self-service clones without impacting production or the need for added storage by mounting Oracle datafiles directly from backups.  Create database test/dev clones to dissimilar hosts, disk groups, or memory configurations. 

A Closer Look: Rubrik Live Mount

Spin up database clones in near real-time without the need for added storage.

Health Checks

Health Checks

Streamline database validation and perform Oracle recovery fire-drills without the need for a full restore of data files.

Queries & Restores

Queries & Restores

Easily examine a database to track when specific data changed without provisioning extra disk space by mounting multiple recovery points.



Facilitate data governance and compliance by accessing previous versions, change history, and extracting data from a point-in-time.



Accelerate application development without affecting production environments or provisioning additional storage.

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