Backup & secure your data in Microsoft Azure

Ensure data protection and recoverability across your Microsoft applications — including Azure VMs and Managed Disks, Azure SQL and Azure SQL Managed Instances, Microsoft 365, Azure VMware Solution, Azure Active Directory - coming soon, Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, SQL Server, and physical or virtualized Windows with Azure backups from Rubrik.


Recover your data when ransomware strikes

Ensure your Azure data is resilient and recoverable from cyber attacks. While Shared Responsibility means you are responsible for protecting your data, Rubrik secures against data loss with a logical air gap and tight API integrations with Azure.

Manage Across Azure, Data Center, and Edge

Easily manage hundreds of subscriptions across multiple regions from a single management console. Automate data protection and eliminate manual job scheduling across enterprise, cloud and SaaS.

Securely Archive to Microsoft Azure

Send your on-premises application data to Azure for long-term. Tier data to WORM-locked Azure Blob Storage to optimize storage costs. Send data to Rubrik Cloud Vault for isolated, off-site copies in a Rubrik-hosted cloud environment built on Azure.

Reduce Data Risk

Help reduce data risk for Azure Stack HCI and for Azure VMs stored on Rubrik Cloud Vault. Discover what sensitive data you have and where it lives with Sensitive Data Monitoring & Management. Determine the scope of cyber attacks by identifying deletions, modifications, and encryption with Anomaly Detection.

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The Definitive Guide to Rubrik CDM

Learn how customers leverage Rubrik for disaster recovery, self-service management, ransomware defense, and more.

Definite guide to Rubrik cloud data management

How Rubrik secures your data in Microsoft Azure

Simplify cloud security and Azure backups with built-in ransomware protection, application recovery, cloud archival, and data replication.

Ransomware protection

Keep data safe with cloud-native security and immutability for Azure SQL, Azure VMs and Managed Disks, and Microsoft 365 - plus, immutable snapshots of SQL Server databases.

Cloud migration

Migrate to the cloud for fast recovery of your data when you need it. Instantiate on-premises applications and workloads on Azure with automated VM to disk conversion for test / dev.

Long-term retention

Retain data in secure storage and optimize costs by tiering to a bunkered cloud account. Archive to Azure Hot or Cool Tiers while retaining instant access with predictive search.

Heterogeneous replication

Copy data across public clouds, Azure accounts and regions, edge locations, and data centers using global SLA policies.

Boost your cyber resilience

Safeguard data in Microsoft Azure from compromise with, logically air gapped, immutable snapshots. Rest easy knowing data is encrypted in-flight and at rest.

Automate storage tiering

Tier Azure VMs and Managed Disks to an isolated Azure Tenant air gapped from your network. Leverage Blob immutability to ensure data integrity.

Automate storage tiering

Enable fast, flexible recovery

Easily locate and access a single file with predictive search. Export and restore in a crash-consistent manner. Create a new Azure VM or Managed Disk in the same location for operational continuity or to a different subscription for testing / migration.

Enable, fast, flexible recovery

Secure virtual workloads and native Azure applications

Protect Azure Virtual Machines, Managed Disks, and Azure SQL without the need for persistent infrastructure running in your Azure subscriptions. Leverage native Azure snapshot creation APIs for backup and recovery. No need to worry about deploying, managing, or patching long running compute instances in Azure or on-premises.

Meet business SLAs

Set up protection in minutes - not days or weeks. Auto-discover Azure VMs and automate protection by tags or apply to all resources in a resource group or subscription. Assign snapshot frequency, retention, replica region and duration across workloads to help ensure the required protection.

Meet business SLA

Secure Azure SQL

Reduce risk of data loss in Azure SQL with simplified, SaaS-based protection that secures new databases as they are added, to stay in compliance with business requirements and to keep data safe.

Secure azure SQL

Protect your filesets

Secure file-based workloads in Azure that leverage the Azure NetApp Files (ANF) service with tight NetApp integration and native protection to protect data.

Protect your filesets

Protect growing, large-scale environments

Automatically provision workflows and backup services as you build and onboard cloud accounts through integration with Terraform, PowerShell, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and more.

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Don't just survive a ransomware attack. Get stronger.

Despite your best efforts to protect your business, you could be hit with a ransomware attack at any time. You need a plan that allows you to confidently refuse to pay a ransom, recover quickly, and eliminate the vulnerabilities that made the attack possible in the first place.


Gain control with global visibility

Consolidate data protection and reporting across Azure regions, subscriptions, and tenants.

Achieve Data Governance and Compliance

Simplify protection with one policy engine that protects data on premises, on the Azure platform, or in Azure Blob Storage plus other private and public cloud workloads. Easily monitor SLA compliance and infrastructure health.

Achieve data governance & compliance

Centralize Management

Quickly be alerted to critical events across your Azure, hybrid-cloud and SaaS data with customized dashboards. Manage role-based access controls (RBAC) from a single console.

Centralize Management

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