Data Management Built for AWS

Rubrik delivers backup, recovery, replication, search, archival, and analytics on AWS with centralized management for your cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications.

Automated Orchestration

Automate protection across hundreds of AWS accounts and regions. Utilize automation at scale to incorporate data protection provisioning workflows as you build and onboard accounts.

Business Resilience

Protect your critical data from compromise with immutable backups. Quickly recover an EC2 instance or a single file with granular search and recovery.

Control & Visibility

Unify management across on-prem, edge and AWS. Simplify operations with a single policy-based SLA engine. Optimize storage costs in the cloud with storage tiering.

Protecting Hybrid and Multi‑cloud Data

Learn how to integrate cloud platforms with on-premises infrastructure to provide a single control pane to manage, back up, and restore data across your corporate network.

SaaS-based Auto Discovery

It just takes a few clicks and a minimal set of permissions to configure access to your AWS accounts. Rubrik auto-discovers your Amazon EC2 and RDS instances and EBS volumes. You’ll just need to specify which AWS accounts and regions to manage.

Holistic Protection

Safeguard your data with confidence with immutable snapshots and end-to-end data encryption. Rubrik also delivers granular role-based access control across all cloud data management workflows, regardless of location.

Consumption & Compliance Reporting

View real-time platform insights on data management, compliance, and capacity planning across your cloud environment. Gain visibility into how many of your backups are in or out of compliance across all your accounts and regions.

Do More With Your Data on AWS

RDS Native Protection

Leverage the radical simplicity of Rubrik’s approach to backup and recovery for your data in Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

Data Archival

Send your app data to AWS for long-term retention while retaining immediate access with predictive search.


Deliver replication any way you want. Heterogeneous cloud providers, different regions under the same cloud provider, or cloud to on-prem.

Backup plan

On-Demand Instantiation

Use the Amazon cloud as a low-cost DR target and backup plan. Spin up new apps in the cloud or migrate existing on-prem apps to the cloud for test/dev.

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Server administrators will be able to opt-in to backups simply by putting a certain tag on the EC2 instance, which they can then incorporate into their automated server build process, helping to simplify and bring certainty to protecting EC2 instances.

David Coffman
Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Meredith Corp.
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